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05/01/2013 - Aion : Third Anniversary Events Lead to Massive...
Aion : Third Anniversary Events Lead to Massive Update Aion players will want to check into the game to participate in anniversary-themed events, missions and more. All of the celebration ultimately will lead to October's massive v3.5 update th.....
04/19/2013 - Atlantica Online : Dark Pegasus Items Revealed
In the next Atlantica Online update, players will be able to find materials to create items in the Dark Pegasus set. These materials will drop in the Tartarus Laboratory Field. Dark Pegasus items can ONLY be crafted by players. Check out exclusi.....
03/21/2013 - Ragnarok Online : Ninjas Get Second Class Evolu...
Ragnarok Online : Ninjas Get Second Class Evolution The Ragnarok Online team has announced that the Ninja class has received a second class evolution as of February 5th. Ninjas at base level 99 and job level 70 will be able to develop themselve.....
03/18/2013 - He found the three notifications of interruptio...
  Yesterday, I got an email from a student and it said that the power supply of his Maple Story mesos college had been interrupted three times from 5:00 P.M to 6:00 A.M next day. He said that he could not finish his work, and he wanted to .....
03/08/2013 - Aion : Channel Your Inner Designer for the Gunn...
Aion : Channel Your Inner Designer for the Gunner Class Aion developers have announced a brand new event challenging players and wannabe designers to submit concept art for weapons tailored to the upcoming Gunner class. One lucky submission wil.....

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